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Dare To Be

#DaretobeAlphaGamUofSC is who we are as a chapter. At Alpha Gam, we push ourselves and each other to step out of our comfort zones. Dare To Be is not one size fits all-- you have the power to finish the sentence. Dare To Be allows us to express our individualism while coming together as one empowered sisterhood.


What do you dare to be? 


"Dare to be ambitious! After backing out of rushing, I decided to go through the COB process. I was worried about how I would feel being a POC in this environment. Would I be welcomed? How would I be perceived? But from my very first step into AGD I was welcomed with open arms. Alpha Gam sisters were so supportive when I posted my first YouTube video. Especially my big, Kinsey and twin Kimmy. My sisters are very hard-working and involved around campus which encouraged me to be the best version of myself."

-Brianna Walton, PC'20


"Dare to be loving! When I think about Alpha Gam the first thing that comes to mind is love. It is so empowering to constantly be around hundreds of sisters who love me for who I am and want to see me become the best version of myself. The women I have met in Alpha Gam have truly become my second family who I can go to for anything. Now, serving as the Vice President of Recruitment, I am so excited to share the Alpha Gam love with so many pnms  and help them find their home away from home at UofSC!"

-Hannah Veith, PC'18


“My sisters have dared me to be real. My sisters push me to be the best version of myself everyday. They help me do this in every way possible whether it be studying with me in the library, joining me to get ice cream, or spending hours laughing over our days. It’s never a dull moment with my sisters and I’m never afraid to be myself with them!”

-Carleigh Capone, PC'18


For more information on #DaretobeAlphaGamUofSC , check out our Instagram highlight titled "dare to be"